Monday, May 4, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3177: Carly Fiorina Announces her Candidacy for the 2016 Presidential Race - Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Today on Good Morning America, Carly Fiorina surprised almost no one with the announcement of her candidacy for the 2016 Presidential Race. In order to win any party nomination, let alone the Oval Office, a person must have more than articulate, a platform and money. They MUST be likable. This certainly doesn't mean they should abandon their principles. Yet regardless of whether or we agree or not with their politics - if a person isn't likable - we won't vote for them. Very few politicians understand this simple but profoundly principle.

Many an intelligent and otherwise adept professional completely misses the boat when it comes to body language. A huge majority of likability is dependent on nonverbal signals. A person may say "all the right things", sure - however it doesn't "feel" right unless their body language also has a friendly and natural feeling.

At the beginning of this video, Carly Fiorina exhibits extended and multiple eyelid closures (aka prolonged blinking). This is in no way normal blinking. And while increased blinking frequency is associated with anxiety, this is not the cause here.

This image was captured from the above video as the Republican candidate answers the word, "Yes" - in response to Stephanopoulos' question, "Are you running for President?" (Her eyelids are closed during this entire word "Yes".)

Here the former Hewlett-Packard CEO says, ".... I think I'm the Best Person for the Job ..." (Her eyes are also closed for these two words).

She also displayed multiple other extended and rapid blinking early during her these associated sentences.

This nonverbal signal of prolonged blinking in this context (What other nonverbal and paralanguage signs do you note here?) sends strong signals of arrogance and patronizing emotional tones. She's unmistakably distancing herself from her electorate by doing this. She's losing votes far before the primary. 

Today's take home point: We only vote with our intellect after our emotions tell us a candidate is likable. After likability is established - the rest of the "decision" is primarily rationalization. And never forget that without congruent and likable body language - nothing the person says will win over a voter.

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