Sunday, May 31, 2015

Nonverbal Communication No. 3201: Nazi War Criminal Oskar Gröning - Dissecting Body Language in Court (PHOTO)

Oskar Gröning is currently in the midst of a trial for war crimes. He was a former Nazi and SS junior squad leader at Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. Please read further about his background - yet not until you've evaluated the photo for its nonverbal behavior content - what follows is this analysis.

Asymmetric Forehead: At first glance we see that Gröning's left forehead is contracted - but upon a more careful inspection - and comparison with multiple crossed-referenced images - we see it's the his right side of face (including his forehead) that has suffered a facial nerve (peripheral cranial nerve VII) palsy. Thus his left side is not contracted so much as the right side of his face is considerably hypo-functional. This asymmetry gives the false-appearance of a nonverbal signal of disbelief. Can you name any politicians who have this same phenomenon - and therefore are chronically projecting incredulity (and losing votes with their electorates and influence with their colleagues)?

Lateral Lip Purse: This facial configuration displays an open (non-secretive) choice contemplation. This is usually expressing a dichotomous thought-process (e.g., Should I choose A or B? Is he right or wrong?, etc.).

Elevated Central Forehead Contraction (along with inner eyebrows): - This indicates emotional pain or physical pain experience directly for oneself - or for another via empathy. It's extremely important that these interpretations must have congruent mouth expressions - with this in mind, is Gröning's mouth consistent with his central forehead display and any of these types of pain? If you believe the allegations of WWII Nazi war crimes, does this change the way you interpret this particular nonverbal signal cluster? Do sociopaths feel emotion pain for themselves? Do they feel it for others?

Eyes fixated on a person without a corresponding head-turn/rotation: We do not tend to fully turn towards something/someone that/whom we do not like, do not respect or do not believe.

This particular hand configuration clustered with the other nonverbal signs indicates a critical evaluation.

In summary Oskar Gröning has evaluated someone/their testimony/statement/behavior, etc. during his trial for WWII war crimes, weighed what they had to say or do - and is in sharp disagreement with it or its ramifications/consequences. This brings him emotional pain (almost surely for himself, not for another person/persons).

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