Saturday, May 16, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3188: "Sending my friend into the wrong house" Viral Video - How We Hold Our Arms When We're Embarrassed ... and Running (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

In this currently viral video, a guy sends his friend - who hasn't yet been to his house - to the wrong address. He told him to come on in - he'd be upstairs on the Xbox. His friend, soon discovering something amiss, rapidly leaves the house - runs down the driveway, up the street and around the corner. All the while the instigator who is filming the prank watches from across the street can be heard giggling.

This incident and video provide a great body language teaching moment. When fear is present, but relatively low - and it is embarrassment that is the more prevalent emotion - when running away, we tend to keep our elbows straight and not bend them as much as we would when fleeing during higher levels of fear. And while the embarrassed friend certainly does bend his arms/elbows in a manner more consistent with a conventional running configuration some of the time - this "unbent-elbow/straightened arm running" form of body language prevails.





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