Saturday, May 2, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3174: Prince William & Kate Middleton welcome their Princess - Body Language Tells (PHOTOS)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their second child today. The princess, who is yet unnamed (or at least to the public as yet), is fourth-in-line to the throne.

From a body language perspective, a rarely discussed nonverbal tell is displayed here - times two.

While a "Jaw Jut" is most commonly a signal of anger, aggression and even potential physical violence - when it's clustered with other nonverbal signals - it has a completely different meaning.

As a written and/or spoken language analog, take for example the word "hot" - this word may indicate an attractive woman, a popular news subject, the spiciness of a pepper or the temperature on a summer day. These are examples of verbal homonyms. They are spelled the same and pronounced the same - yet have four completely different meanings. A twelve year-old, upon hearing four different sentences will easily discern their four respective and very different definitions. Nonverbal signals have similar communicative qualities - and thus have very different meanings depending upon the other body language signals with which they are "clustered" (those signs displayed simultaneously or nearly so) - e.g., "Nonverbal Homonyms".

Note Prince William's and Kate Middleton's upper face - each have relaxed foreheads, partially closed eyelids, concave-up furrows in their lower eyelids and upward-vectored cheek muscles - all crucial components of sincere smiles.

Now look at their jaws - both are directed forward - Kate's a fair amount more so (had the image been captured either 1/4 second earlier or later, it may very well be William's jaw jutted to a greater degree). Clustered with their upper and mid-facial sincere smiles their jaw jutting indicates pride. The royal couple are proud (and joyous) parents.

Notice no teeth are visible - surprising to many, exposure of teeth is not a required component of a Duchenne [sincere] smile.

What other valuable body language tell is being displayed in this moment which is highly applicable in your every-day? What is its specific meaning?

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