Saturday, May 30, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3199: Losing wrestler's sportsmanship wows crowd - A Common Body Language Sign of Anxiety (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

This short and currently viral video is a beautiful example of what here is termed "sportsmanship" - yet more accurately described - this act is demonstrating empathy. Malik Stewart, immediately after his loss in the 2014 Minnesota Wrestling State Finals (120 weight class) - hugs the father of his opponent and the State Champion (Mitchell McKee) - because McKee's Dad is battling cancer. As he mentions, Malik also lost his father several years ago.

Those individuals who are moved to actively suppress or display their tears while watching this video (even if they're lucky enough to have never lost a loved-one) have higher empathy quotients vs. those who remain relatively emotionally-neutral.

From a body language perspective, Mitchell McKee, Malik Stewart - and Josh Prokosch (Stewart's Coach) all interviewed in the above video - display an extremely common anxiety tell. They all rock back and forth, shifting their weight from one leg to another as they speak to the reporter. In addition, each of these athletes also display other anxiety-nonverbal signals. Did you catch these more subtler tells?

Photo & video credit: Vanessa Schlueter

Mitchell McKee

Josh Prokosch

Malik Stewart

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