Saturday, May 9, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3181: Cristiano Ronaldo defends Japanese boy on TV - Body Language of Deception (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Seen in this currently viral video, the great footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is being interviewed by a Japanese boy. The boy is doing his best to read and interview in Portuguese - Ronaldo's native tongue. This act shows respect to the athlete and requires some significant courage. Most adults won't do so - rather they would require or request a translator - particularly in front of an audience or when televised. Thus it should not surprise anyone that Ronaldo came to the boy's defense when some began laughing at him.

Ronaldo says, " .... he speak good - Portuguese .... " (beginning at 0:49).

Then during the 0:50 - 0:51 segment, as he says " ... Portuguese ...", Cristiano Ronaldo scratches the lateral edge of his left nostril. Nose touches/rubs/scratches of course, most of the time, also result in a covering of the mouth. When making a declarative statement simultaneous with or just after a nose rub or mouth cover/touch - it's highly indicative of deception. This example is of course is a small lie, some would refer to it as a "white lie" - one of low consequences. This is not a disparaging observation of the Real Madrid forward - on the contrary, it's complimentary. The chances of being caught lying are proportional to the punishment or consequences of that lie. Here the ramifications of being caught are very low - Ronaldo was coming to the aid of a child. Who, of average or of high empathy would do otherwise? So if Cristiano is easily caught in this trivial lie (except for the boy's feelings of course - his feelings are not trivial) - then he would be very easily discovered in a more significant deception. The fact that Ronaldo is a poor liar indicates he's had little practice at lying. It also indicates his personality is consistent with both high sincerity and high empathy.

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