Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2463:
Mila Kunis on Graham Norton
Olly Murs' not-so-secret Crush on Mila
(Video, Photos)

In this hilarious video segment, Graham Norton lets the World know that Olly Murs has a huge crush on Mila Kunis. They both were guests on his show along with Judy Dench and Jude Law. From a nonverbal perspective this video is also quite illustrative.

In this image Mila Kunis' mouth drops open in a vertically-oriented oval. Her eyelids also momentarily open wider than base-line. This brief change is difficult to catch on the relatively lower resolution/camera and is less than a second in duration.

At the 0:33 mark, less than a second after the above image, Ms. Kunis' eyelids move closer together and her mouth/lips close partially and take on a more horizontal oriented oval as her surprise fades. 

Surprise is the most evanescent of all emotions. If it lasts longer than a second or two there is almost always a feigned component present. Also highly characteristic of surprise here, is the rapid transition to a second emotion - in this example one of sincere embarrassment, humor and flattery. Although not seen here, anger and fear are also very common in the seconds immediately following sincere surprise.

For a few fractions of a second, there is an element of a suppressed smile here - though this nonverbal very soon gives way to sincere laughter.

Mila then rapidly covers her mouth with both hands - a signal that the emotional brain is processing very new and suddenly acquired information. The intellectual brain already knows what the emotional brain is trying digest. Rapid mouth covering in such contexts is a body language signal which is indicates both high sincerity and high empathy quotients.

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