Monday, July 15, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2460:
Third Year Law Student-Intern Channa Lloyd
African-American on Zimmerman's Legal Team
An Under-appreciated Alpha Body Language Signal
(Video, Photo)

Channa Lloyd, a third year law student who is interning with the Zimmerman's legal team, has been garnering a lot of attention of late. She is the only African-American amidst an otherwise all Caucasian team of attorneys.

The reason this video is included here though, is that Ms. Lloyd repeatedly displays a nonverbal signal which is particularly under-appreciated. When a person's mouth and lips move in an exaggerated fashion, it is a signal that they feel they're a relative alpha in that setting & context. Here Lloyd subconsciously shows her confidence in this fashion. While everyone moves their lips and mouth slightly differently, these movements are exaggerated and often can be described as melodramatic. The image below, captured at the 0:32 mark, just as Ms. Lloyd says the word, "...client...", is a good example of this phenomenon. Lower lips do not have to be extended anywhere near this amount to pronounce this word.

Although not present in this example, as with all alpha signals, if over-done (in frequency or amplitude) this mouth-lip alpha sign will project patronizing and condescending attitudes.

If Ms. Lloyd were in a different settings - where she was speaking with a peer or subordinate - her mouth or lip movement would be much less pronounced.

You may ask yourself why a third year law student considers herself an alpha in a case of such national attention in which she plays an apparently minor role? One dramatic reason for this is told in another body language signal seen elsewhere in the video. Did you spot it?

Do you see any nonverbal signals indicating whether or not Ms. Lloyd is sincere when she answers, "No" to the question, "Is he (Zimmerman) a racist?" (2:16 mark).

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