Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2456:
Julia Merfeld Trys to Hire a Hit Man to Kill Her Husband -
Sexual Attraction and a Murderous Wife;
Body Language and Disinhibition
(Video, Photos)

Julia Merfeld, a Jersey girl transplanted to Muskegon, Michigan recently met with and then hired who she thought was a hit man to kill her husband. She was undoubtedly motivated by his $400,000 life insurance policy. The video above is a slightly edited amalgamation of two different meetings with an undercover police officer. What follows is a PARTIAL analysis of some of Ms. Merfeld's body language.

The under-cover police officer, either by habit or design, places his palm-up when Merfeld first gets into the car (a very beta, submissive and demure position). This allows the Sociopath to have her hand on top - the dominant and assertive position. This nonverbal configuration "feeds" her ego and thus engenders increased alpha emotions. It gives her a false sense of security. He repeats this body language later.

In addition the officer grips Merfeld's hand in a manner to increase her feelings of femininity - rather than a more traditional palm-to-palm business/platonic handshake.

Although not exemplified here in its full extension (not in full display here) this armpit exposure has qualities of sexual display/attraction. When a woman's armpits are actively exposed - it is highly indicative of sexual attraction.

This bilateral "Hair Adjust Behind Ear" nonverbal (fully seen in video) is indicative of Ms. Merfeld "Dialing Up Her Alpha". Her psyche needs to be more assertive - she's about to hire (who she believes to be) a hit man.

If this display were purely a non-sexual alpha amplifier, the armpits would be less exposed. If it were purely sexual, the armpits would be more exposed. It has components of both. 

In this classic neck & hair preening, eyelid closure with a partial blush - Ms. Merfeld further displays her attraction for her "hero hit man".

In this image, Ms. Merfeld is seen in her continued full-blushed face, with a sincere smile, still touching behind her ear (MAP: Manipulator, Adaptor, Pacifier) and her hips are trusted forward in a sexual display analog (see video for this dynamic display).

Along with the above nonverbals, this body language cluster is highly indicative of sexual attraction. She is flirting with her hit man in the first few seconds of meeting the man who she would have kill her betrothed.

People who exhibit a strong disinhibition behavior (e.g. plotting a murder) also will often experience and thus display other other disinhibitory behaviors (here she is sexually drawn to the man she is hiring).

Ms. Merfeld displays a mild microexpression/near-microexpression of fear (primarily in her mouth) when she thinks-feels for a moment that perhaps she will have trouble paying the hit man (she needs her husband's life insurance policy money in order to pay him).

At 5:41 there is an excellent example of a subtle microexpression of "Duping Delight" as she hands a picture of her husband over to the undercover cop. In this very brief expression she "leaks" out her joy in her belief that she will soon be rid of her husband.

At 6:14 as soon as she hands over an initial payment - her mid-face tightens, her nostrils dilate and her mouth briefly displays an expression of "pseudo-smile of regret". This is not a very good angle to view this mouth display (but how her nostrils flare!).

For an extended period towards the end of this second meeting, Ms. Merfeld pulls her sleeves up over her hands. This is a classic MAP surrogate and is highly indicative of anxiety. It is much more commonly seen in children, teens and young adults (Merfeld is 21) - and women more than men.

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