Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2449:
Jessica Korda Fires Her Caddie &
Recruits her Boyfriend
Body Language at Women's U.S. Open (Video, Photos)

During the third round of last week's LPGA's U.S. Open, Jessica Korda fired her caddie Jason Gilroyed. He was immediately replaced by her boyfriend Johnny DelPrete. The above image was taken during the third round. Gilroyed about to be fired is standing next to her. The photo below is a close up of Korda's face. She is displaying both disgust with a superimposed component of contempt. This could be more clearly seen and evaluated if this were a straight-on, front (anterior) view.

Note Ms. Korda's right lip and the region above the right lip is vectored slightly upward relative to her left in what some may call a "snarl". And although is difficult to tell definitively, the furrow to the side of her nose is more pronounced and higher on her right. What other facial configuration seen here signals contempt or disgust?

This photo is taken from the video below. Jessica's arms are in the "Thumbs Forward Arms Akimbo". This was done when she was primarily speaking about her boy friend and his job caddying. This nonverbal signals a supportive emotional mindset. It also can be seen during moments of curiosity. This body language indicates a predominance of beta qualities. It is commonly seen displayed by adults caring for young children on the playground or by elementary school teachers in their classrooms. This nonverbal is exhibited much more commonly in females and gay men.

Here Jessica was talking about firing her caddie. Her arms akimbo stance has morphed to a "Fingers Forward" variety. This signifies a significant "dialing up" of her alpha qualities. Her mind and emotion have momentarily become more dominant and assertive.

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