Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2475:
Anthony Weiner & Huma Abedin Part IV
More Sexting Will Surface (Video, Photos)

Anthony Weiner still has more sexting which will surface. The following analysis of the New York City Mayoral Candidate's press conference last week demonstrates this clearly with both his body language and his paralanguage.

Beginning at the 8:32 mark when asked, "When was the last solicitous text message?" Mr. Weiner replies, "Um, I can't sa..., I can't say exactly. Um sometime last summer I think." This reply is loaded full with paralanguage clues indicative of deception.

The following three photos encapsulate the nonverbal components of this ill-at-ease moment. We all collectively wince for Huma in these next few seconds.

This image taken at the 8:36 mark demonstrates Anthony Weiner displaying an aborted "Inward Lip Roll" (ILR). An inward lip roll indicates the psyche's attempt to suppress a significant emotion - usually (and here) it's a negative one. The mouth simultaneously displays components of regret. In addition Mr. Weiner's central forehead is contracted (CFC) indicating a significant level of emotional pain (although in other contexts it is telling for other emotions).

In the photo above and slightly more prominently in the image immediately below (taken at 8:41), Huma Abedin's eye lids are open wider than her normal baseline, in a subtle yet very significant display of fear. Particular in the second photo she is saying with her facial expression, "Please, please, please don't let there be more!"

Asymmetry in the mouth should always be suspect for insincerity. Some people routinely speak out of one side of their mouth and this is their baseline normal (although not the case here). Can you name another interpretation of an asymmetrical mouth during speech?

Weiner's wave-off of last summer's sexting is an effort to temporally distance himself from the event (e.g. "Jeez folks, that was forever ago!" or "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!").

In this last image (captured at 8:43), Anthony Weiner again displays a very brief (slightly longer than a microexpression) signal of regret mixed with a component of anger.

In summary, Mr. Weiner has not come clean regarding all of his sexting. There is more to come. He gave ample nonverbal and paralanguage evidence in these few seconds of very telling video. 

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