Sunday, July 7, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2453:
Adrian Peterson on Jimmy Fallon -
Body Language & Recalling Past Significant Emotional Events
(Video, Photos)

During Adrian Peterson's recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show, the star running back recounted an experience of anaphylaxis.

When significant emotional events are being initially experienced or being recalled (and thus to a degree re-experienced) a hand-to-mouth & nose cover are extremely common (3:34 - 3:35). It is more often (virtually 100% of the time) and more prolonged during the initial experience.

This particular MAP (Manipulator, Adaptor, Pacifier) in this specific cluster-context is very consistent with a "High Empathy Quotient". Therefore it is unusual to see this body language in a narcissist and almost never seen in a person with sociopath qualities. In other contexts this body language can have a completely different meaning - what are these other contexts and what do they convey?

What other nonverbal is seen during 3:35 - 3:38? What does this body language indicate in this cluster-context?

During 3:36-3:37 Mr. Peterson displays a partial fear mouth with the corners of his mouth pulled back and his lower teeth exposed. A more full fear mouth expression would expose his upper teeth with a more extreme pull-back of the mouth corners.

Note Adrian's eyes are opened momentarily wider than normal as well as the entire width of his forehead is contracted. All of these facial expression qualities are consistent with fear. He is recalling a moment of sincere fear. In the evanescent re-living of the event his psyche and thus his physiology are behaving in a similar but lesser manner compared with the primary event.

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