Saturday, July 6, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2452:
Marion Bartoli, Wimbledon and Short Dresses -
Body Language of an Apology-Confessional
(Video, Photos)

Marion Bartoli won the Women's Singles Championships today at Wimbledon, besting Sabine Lisicki 6-1, 6-4. It was her first tournament victory in a Grand Slam event. In the interview (video above) she exhibits a common yet rarely sited nonverbal display indicative of an Apology-Confessional. Near the end of the video interview Amanda Davies asks Ms. Bartoli, "Have you got your dress?" (for the Wimbledon Ball). Marion replies, "I do, ahhhhh ..., it's, it's kind of a short one though but ahh (short laugh) but I'm so looking forward to it like you have no idea." As she says this she social-smiles, blushes (again), raises her eyebrows and her head & neck bobs forward with an additional downward vector (during 2:39 - 2:40). This body language cluster is seen in both sexes but is somewhat more common in women. The person displaying it is nonverbally saying, "I know I shouldn't ... but I'm going to do it anyway." There are components of apology, confession and sometimes permission-seeking being felt, expressed and asked for here.

In the moving forward motion there is a degree of rapport being sought. And in the downward motion there is a confessional emotion expressed. Whenever someone displays this nonverbal, empathy is also desired.

Often (although not seen in this example) there is also a combination fear-mouth with a superimposed smile-mouth seen with this head & neck forward-downward movement. There may also be seen some degree of torso movement as Marion shows here.

This image is from 2:38, a second prior to the forward-downward head/neck apology-confessional.

This photo is captured at the moment of maximum head/neck/torso forward-downward vectoring.

Of course the nuance of this body language is better viewed in the dynamic context of video (above).

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