Friday, February 3, 2012

Negotiation Nonverbal Communication Secret # 1055:
The Subtle Lip Purse

This Image of Tom Brady taken during the media availability-press conference in preparation for Super Bowl XLVI yesterday, shows two subtle emotional displays.

Anyone can spot dramatic emotion. I am continually dumbfounded by the percentage of otherwise socially adept, worldly and educated adults who cannot accurately identify moderate, let alone subtle emotional body language cues. The New England quarterback is displaying a very subtle lip purse here (see: Negotiation Secret # 9: Nancy's Lip Purse, for a more obvious example). When the lips are pursed, there is a disagreement taking place. But in a high percentage of the time, the disagreement will not be verbally expressed. In addition, those who display this expression are in a "position of power" wherein they feel they can implement their plan/idea. Thus when you see this nonverbal signal, be prepared for a proverbial "end-run". There is a reason that their opinion is not being openly expressed. Ambush. Hmmm..... perhaps there are some business applications here.

Emotions rarely occur in isolation, and here the Patriots' QB is no exception. Mr. Gisele Bundchen's second emotion is disgust. The specific facial signals to look for here are both the mild tightening of the "mustache area" and particularly his subtle nostril flare. Additionally, he is not looking directly at the person(s) who is (are) the object of his feelings. We don't look directly at those who we don't like, don't respect or don't believe