Thursday, February 2, 2012

Negotiation Body Language Secret # 1019:
Cameron's Critical Cluster

The United Kingdom's Prime Minister, David Cameron is pictured here in a classic critical evaluation cluster (Pease). With his thumb and middle finger supporting the jaw and the index finger covering his mouth, a subtle drawing together and lowering of his eyebrows, as well as his head turned slightly away from the person(s) he is listening to - this nonverbal grouping is a strong indicator that Mr. Cameron does not like what he's hearing. His words may very well not convey the same level of negativity that his body language does - indeed his words may very well be positive. In such examples of disparity, the nonverbal cues are always correct. What would make this configuration even more critical? ..... if his other hand/arm were crossed over his lower (or upper) chest - or if his thumb was covering his ear - or if there were flaring of his nostrils. These would all be additional negative nonverbal signals typically seen in this context.