Sunday, February 12, 2012

Negotiation Nonverbal Communication Secret # 1109:
I Want to Wipe it from My Mind

This man was recently released from a jail in Syria, where among other atrocities, he witnessed a boy being tortured to death. In the recounting of any story, if a person wipes or rubs both eyes (not one eye, for that nonverbal has a completely different meaning), it's as if their psyche is attempting to wipe the memory from their mind. Even those born blind will do this when recounting a story. Intriguingly, it also works for undesirable future events - that is, if you're visualizing an anticipated unpleasant situation - your "mind's eye" routinely constructs such situations in advance (it performs this for pleasant ones as well, of course). If your brain doesn't like what it's "seeing", this body language will very often be displayed. People will often (falsely) believe this just a sign of fatigue. Misinterpretations abound.

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