Saturday, December 10, 2011

Romance, Marriage and Dating - Body Language Secret No. 609: Going from High Heels to Flats and then back to Heels (PHOTO)

When a woman is close to, the same height or taller than her husband or boy friend - she will very often stop wearing high heels and wear shoes with low heels or even flats. This is very prevalent nonverbal early in the relationship. She does this for several reasons - to make him feel more masculine - and to make herself feel more feminine. In addition, particularly if he is shorter than average - she does not want to remind him of his short stature (super models, Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy, etc., excluded).

Thus when the opposite occurs - and a woman begins to wear high heels significantly more often (and her male partner is short in either a relative or absolute sense), especially if she deliberately wore shorter heels or flats early in the relationship - this can be a strong warning signal of a drifting apart in the relationship (waning of affection) or even an affair (a notable exception here is for a job which dictates a change in professional attire).

One obvious reason for this body language-shoe change is the desire to be attractive to other potential partners. It is just as common however, that this is a symptom of a "turning off" or "dialing down" of empathy and affection for their soon to be Ex-boyfriend/Ex-husband. Affection and Empathy are strongly related to, and proportional to love.

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