Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dating & Romance Body Language Secret # 363:
Simon Cowell, Kissing and Lack of Affection

Simon Cowell is shown here kissing his girl friend, Mezhgan Hussainy on the Jay Leno Show. Not too many of us kiss our significant others on national T.V. But if you ever get the opportunity, it's good advice not to conduct yourself in a perfunctory manner. If true affection is the primary emotional driver, the eyes are virtually always closed. If not, it's a strong indicator the emotions are being focused elsewhere ... or worse. We close our eyes during a kiss in an effort to heighten the affection we are feeling and "drink in" the entire experience. The visual portion of our Brain accounts for 40 percent of its mass and vision is responsible for 90 percent of our sensory input. Thus when we close our eyes, less energy and resources are needed for sight - so there is a temporary increase in relative blood flow and function to the non-visual parts of our brains. This, coupled with the decrease in visual sensory stimulus load, naturally heightens touch, smell, taste and hearing - as well as our cognitive and emotional ability. When emotions other than affection and love are a higher priority - the eyes remain open. All this is regulated subconsciously. A pattern of repeated lack of eyelid closure during kissing (and hugging) - is a very strong indicator of waning or feigned love & affection.