Thursday, December 15, 2011

Negotiation Body Language Secret # 817:
Anger and Steroids in Milwaukee

Say it ain't so Ryan. Well, it doesn't matter what Ryan Braun, left fielder for the Milwaukee Brewers may say - because his blood tested positive for performance enhancing drugs (PED) and his face says anger. When the eyes are open wider than normal - as they certainly are here - fear, surprise and moderate to severe anger should come immediately to mind. Specifically, there are more "whites of the eyes" (sclera) exposed in this image - and in body language colloquial, I call these eyes "white and wide". Neither surprise or fear is displayed on Ryan's face. This emotion is anger. 

In addition to his eyes, take note of Braun's upper lip. It is thinned and stretched laterally. His "mustache area" is also tightened - as is his entire mid-face. Ryan's nostrils (especially on his right) are flared - consistent with anger, contempt and disgust - but also with athletic activity. However, since his mouth isn't open - and thus he's not out of breath - these nostril findings reinforce the nonverbal gesture cluster of anger.

It is interesting to note that with abnormally high levels of testosterone, as those found in Braun's blood samples, have been correlated with what has become known as " 'Roid Rage" - a significantly higher incidence of aggressiveness, hostility, anxiety and paranoid ideation.