Thursday, December 8, 2011

Body Language Secret # 100:
Kate Middleton is Pregnant

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William attended a concert for The Prince's Trust held at Royal Albert Hall on 6 December 2011. There they met The X Factor hopefuls Marcus Collins (eight series) and Olly Murs (sixth series), as well as the musician/head judge Gary Barlow - all favorites of the royal couple. Kate wore a $99 dress made by Zara and a jacket care of Ralph Lauren. Zara's Lace Tulip dress subsequently sold-out within 24... World wide!

The real news however is that Kate is pregnant. Although there has been speculation about this, as there naturally would be for any so famous and so attractive a duchess and prince, there's been no announcement - verbally that is.... But Kate Middleton's body language has already made the announcement. Throughout the entire event Tuesday evening, she held her handbag very close to her central lower abdomen in an awkward but classic blocking-protective nonverbal tell - highly consistent with pregnancy. This can also be a body language signal of common low confidence-low comfort - but that clearly doesn't apply to Catherine. 

Most of the time Kate used this blocking maneuver with both arms/hands, however even when one hand was used, her handbag continued to be strategically placed. Its position even remained the same despite the switching of hands. Although she probably doesn't necessarily enjoy it, Kate's grown accustomed to being in the public eye. Alpha females don't carry their purses or handbags in such a manner unless there's a significant psychological or physiologic reason - and make no mistake - Kate's an Alpha Female. An image search for "Kate Middleton purse" clearly demonstrates that it is uncommon for her to carry her's this way - except for recently. In the context of pregnancy, this protective gesture is extremely common, highly predictive and very instinctual. Body Language is hard-wired into our brains and the protective behavior and emotion of motherhood is perhaps the strongest instinct.