Saturday, December 10, 2011

Negotiation Body Language Secret # 199:
When a Lie is Told, Heard or Visualized by
....Vladimir's Eye

When a person rubs their eyes, as with all Manipulators/Adaptors/Pacifiers (MAPs) - these are signals of increased anxiety. It seems Vladimir has some anxiety the last few days. Certainly not all anxiety is deception-related .... but a large percentage of it is. MAPs involving the face & neck have a significantly increased likelihood of lying-related anxiety when compared with MAPs elsewhere on the body. This is particularly true of the mouth, cheeks, nose, ears and eyes as well as the front (anterior) portion of the neck. 

Intriguingly, rubbing both eyes together (see: Secret # 291: Obama and Biden, Visual-Emotional Blocking) DOES indicate anxiety, but DOES NOT fit into the pattern of deception - only a single eye rub is correlated with lying. This applies when the lie is spoken or even visualized - e.g. when a deception is being planned/contemplated and has not yet taken place. It also occurs when the person who is rubbing their eye - hears or sees something which they believe to be deceptive (see Negotiation Secret # 29: Angela doubts Vladimir).

Pictured above of course, is Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin. Massive protesting across Russia has erupted in the last few days alleging corruption in the recent Parliamentary Elections (4 December 2011). The People's Freedom Party, the Communist Party, A Just Russia and the Liberal Democrats (all are political parties or organizations whom opposes Putin), gained a large number of seats, and yet Putin's party (United Russia) held onto a modest majority (238 vs. all other parties have 212 of the 450 total in the State Duma). Many are accusing Putin and his government of rigging the elections and are demanding an annulment with new elections.