Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Negotiation Body Language Secret # 113:
What Blagojevich can Teach Us

When speaking on their mobile phones, those who hold their elbows pointing out laterally or forward-laterally have a strong tendency to be strong alpha personalities. The vast majority of people, hold our phones with the elbows pointed down, next to our sides'. The more often you see this displayed in any given individual, the more dominant the personality. If you see this the majority of the time - it's very possible the speaker has narcissistic personality disorder. It can be seen occasionally with beta-personality people when they are trying to "dial-up their alpha", e.g. when constructively (or otherwise) criticizing a subordinate or asking another out on a date, or when they get some good news, etc. Conversely, you may also see the elbow suddenly point down and retract close to the body when bad news is received.

The reliability of the elbow-out mobile phone (EOMP) body language gesture in indicating alpha and narcissistic personalities is enhanced not only increases with percent of the time it's used, but also with the height of the arm. Sometimes the forearm is held so high, that it is parallel with the ground (or nearly so). Additionally, if a person tends to use the EOMP even in crowded areas, it adds a lot of reliability as a predictor of the over-alpha/narcissistic personality.

This is such a rare nonverbal for females to use, I sometimes wonder if it's an indirect indicator of excessive testosterone. Ergo a bit of dating advice: Ladies - if you desire any semblance of equity in a relationship, run the other way when you see the elbow-out mobile phone nonverbal gesture used consistently. Run. Run fast.

Bye-bye Blagojevich.See you in 2025.