Monday, July 31, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4016: Anthony Scaramucci - Faux Pas and Harbingers - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

Ten days ago, Anthony Scaramucci was named as the new White House Communications Director. Earlier today, he was fired by President Trump, reportedly at the request of the new Chief of Staff, John Kelly.

The video above contains Mr. Scaramucci's first press conference on 21 July 2017. He begins speaking at 29:48:

"So I, I'm going to be very brief. I'm going to make my remarks informal and then I'll take, take questions from everybody. First off, I'd like to announce, ah, formally, that Sarah Huckabee, Sanders is going to be the Press -

Oh, you can't hear me? I'm sorry. Better?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is going to be the Press Secretary - and, ah, so you can congratulate her after the, ah, session. You still can't hear me? No sound? Okay. 

Better? Better Now? Better Now? I'm going to start over. You guys heard me in the front though, right? What did, what did I say Sarah's going to be the Press Secretary right? Okay, so congratulations to you Sarah. Um, and so, I, I wanna make a, a couple of statements..."

In the first 41 seconds of speaking, the new Communications Director gestured with his thumb - pointing and moving his arm pointing in a jerking motion directly backward - on four different occasions (simultaneous with his words printed above in red).

When used in reference to a person or group of people - particularly people who are present, this Backward, Thumb-Arm Jerking dynamic is a significantly negative gesture. It's dismissive, derogatory, and degrading. It's contemptuous. This body language very much says, "You belong in back of me", "You're inferior", "You don't belong here", "Get out of here", etc. In this setting, it's particularly out of context - for Anthony Scaramucci is fully aware that Sarah Huckabee Sanders was standing directly to his right.

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