Thursday, July 13, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 3998: Donald Trump's "Bait and Switch" Handshake-Hug with Brigette Macron - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Donald Trump and Melania Trump traveled to Paris on Thursday. Emmanuel Macron's had invited them to celebrate Bastille Day as well as the 100th anniversary of American Troops arriving in Europe during World War I.

The video above shows the US President and First Lady being received by President Macron and his wife, Brigette Macron.

What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis of this greeting - concentrating specifically on Donald Trump and Brigette Macron.

Note that after shaking President Macron's hand - President Trump then extends his hand toward Brigette Macron.

In this instant, it seemed like normal handshake choreography.

Their hands' touch ... or almost touch.

But Donald Trump aborts the handshake - and begins to reach his right hand around Brigette Marcon's left side.

Donald Trump then grips Brigette Macron's upper arms - while she, similarly, but more loosely touches Trump. They kiss one cheek. 

And then the other cheek.

Brigette Macron then breaks contact with her left hand (in which she's holding her purse) - while Donald Trump grips her right hand.

Trump then pulls Macron's hand and arm towards him.

He twice performs this pronounced pulling action - the second time being quite unnaturally elevated.

Trump then again touches (grips) Brigette Maron's left arm - just above her elbow - while still holding on to her right hand.

President Trump committed two fundamental and profound body language errors in this greeting:

1. Once a man initiates a handshake - by extending his hand to a woman - he should never change his greeting to a hug unless by her invitation. This is, of course, an even more crucial faux pas when it's their first meeting.

The same principle also holds true if the woman is the first one extending a hand. Such a "Bait and Switch Handshake-Hug" is an invasion of personal (intimate) space for which the overwhelming majority of women find offensive and very emotionally uncomfortable.

2. The pulling of another person's hand close to one's torso - particularly when vectored upward is also highly offensive. Moreover, it's also a reliable signal of narcissistic personality disorder. This axiom is true regardless of the gender of the recipient.

Furthermore - when a man performs this hyper-alpha/narcissistic handshake with a woman - it also indicates a personality disorder which objectifies women - viewing the female gender as property to be used (rather than an equal).

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