Sunday, July 23, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4007: Donald Trump, Robert Mueller, and Anthony Scaramucci's First Press Conference - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Yesterday, immediately after he was named as the new White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci held his first press briefing. He spoke for approximately 34 minutes displaying numerous nonverbal signals. What follows is an analysis of a portion of his response to a question regarding Robert Mueller.

JOURNALIST (Lisa): "... Okay. So, well, well, I'd, I'd like to ask you though, if [stutter] is, is, the strategy that seems to be coming from this White House now in going after Robert Mueller's credibility [microexpression] the right one?"

SCARAMUCCI: "Lisa, I, again, that's sorta in that zip code of, like, ya know, the legal team, and not really in Sarah or my zip code. So I just wanna stay away from the question. No, it's ac-, it's ac-, it's ac-, it, it, it's actually very complicated. And I don't want to bore all the people here with the legal details related to it. But I just think it's important for me, on my first day standing up here, that I don't go in that direction. So I'm not going to answer the question - not because I'm not trying to be forthcoming, I just think there's legalities there that I don't wanna touch...."

Just after the Journalist says, "going after Robert Mueller's credibility", Mr. Scaramucci displays a microexpression of regret (during 1:00:34). We cannot say (with this specific moment) whether his regret was because of the legal strategy being employed by President Trump, the fact that this question had been asked, that he now feels possible entanglement with the Russia investigation, etc. - but the Communications Director did indeed feel regret.

Notice that during Mr. Scaramucci's, begins stuttering (... No, it's ac-, it's ac-, it's ac-, it, it, it's actually ...) as he first points, but then rapidly segues into a scratching/rubbing of the back of his head with his left hand (1:00:46 - 1:00:48). This signals a high level of anxiety. Having significant television experience, Mr. Scaramucci is no doubt aware that touching, rubbing, or scratching anywhere on one's head or neck while on camera, is a tremendous faux pas. Of course, being human, he makes mistakes - and in this moment, he let us peek into his emotional mind.

Summary: At his first press briefing, Mr. Scaramucci displayed regret when asked about the legal strategy of "going after Robert Mueller's credibility". Moreover, Anthony Scaramucci displayed his highest level of anxiety of the entire press conference during his answer to this question.

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