Sunday, July 2, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 3986: Anthony Kennedy, The Supreme Court, and Predicting Empathy - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

In many contexts, the touching of ones' head, particularly when it's performed with both hands - and especially when it's done quickly - is a nonverbal signal which is not universally performed. That is to say, only a subset of the population exhibits this body language with significant frequency. And that segment would be the people who have, as part of their overall personality traits, a higher degree of both Sincerity as well as Empathy.

But beyond these crucial character traits - which gives us the ability to predict long-term behaviors - this image of US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy can be even further nuanced.

This particular display - Finger Tips to the Temples (with Palms Down) - is indicative of a high degree of disbelief to what he has just heard or just seen. Moreover, his disbelief is so intense that, although his intellect knows what he's hearing and/or seeing - the emotional portion of his brain hasn't fully digested it. This phenomenon is an external manifestation of what is commonly referred to as "Emotional Processing".

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