Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 3988: Kim Jong-un, ICBMs, False Joy, and Fake Laughter - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

North Korea launched another missile yesterday. While the maximum range of the weapon is a subject of much speculation - there is no debate that the Kim Jong-un now has at least minimal Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) capability. Experts also are debating whether or not his weapons technologists have yet achieved adequate miniaturization of nuclear weapons which would enable them to be carried aloft by these same missiles. Yet, there can be no doubt - their nuclear weapons will get smaller and they'll develop missiles with greater range.

Many have noted the poorly feigned facial expressions of the North Korean people when they're in the presence of Kim Jong-un.

In the image above, notice the government official on the left side of the photo - particularly his lower face. The corners of his mouth are pulled outward and most importantly, down. The soft tissue covering his jaw dramatically calls our attention to this dynamic. His lower lip is significantly protruding - barring his lower teeth. This is classic "mouth of fear" display.

Compare this to the image below - taken in the midst of a crash in the Tour de France on 2 July 2017 (Fortunately no one was seriously injured and all riders were able to return to the race). The mouths' of each man are pulled outward and down. Their lower lips are protruding. Their nostrils are flared. Obviously, no one is acting here. These men are each in a sincere moment of fear.

Now, look at the North Korean general on the right side of the above image. While he's doing a better job at pretending at feeling joy and laughter - his expression is also insincere. His mouth is pulled straight laterally (directly out to each side). This is a very common default expression - one variation of a "social smile".

Summary: Most people are not good actors - not even close. When they feign emotions (many times a day), while they often fool some people - yet they are destroying rapport and relationships with others. Are you being fooled or are you destroying?

Learn to discern and seek sincerity.

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