Friday, July 28, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4011: Anthony Scaramucci's First UK Interview - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Some say Anthony Scaramocci is simply acting under Donald Trump's instruction. Other's say that his personality has naturally become more Trump-like (by design) - or even perhaps it's his baseline personality. Which ever the reason, the new White House Communications Director needs a remedial course in body language.

The video above is Mr. Scaramocci's first interview with the BBC (with Journalist Emily Maitlis). There's a myriad of nonverbal tells in this eleven-minute video. The images below capture only those demonstrating the Communication Director's multiple personal space (intimate space) infractions.

1:22 - It's offensive to direct a palm towards another person, particularly in such close quarters.

1:56 - Palm-down gestures - especially so close to another person is hyper-alpha signal and universally offensive.

Note also the near-full extension of Scaramucci's arm. The further the arm is extended (elbow, shoulder, and wrist) this amplifies to the overall alpha-tone of the hand gesture.

2:11 - On multiple occasions, Mr. Scaramucci uses an index finger point - which is offensive in every culture on the planet.

2:38 - Another index finger point in intimate space. This has a wag-variation, which adds an element of a patronizing emotional tone.

2:40 - This is an example of touching a person out of context and without permission. This does not build rapport - rather it destroys it.

3:45 - More touching out of social context.

4:32 - Palm-down gesture - hyper alpha and much too close.

5:41 - More touching without permission. Emily Maitlis' mouth is configured in a thinned-lipped manner. Her nostrils are flared. She's angry - and she reflexively crosses her arms across her upper abdomen/lower chest.

5:59 - Repeated index finger pointing - universally offensive.

6:11 - Another touch - this "feels" a bit less offensive because it involves two fingers and is vertical rather than palm-down.

6:13 - Two seconds later, a repeat performance.

6:16 - This palm-finger forward gesture is hyper-aggressive, very offensive, and particularly discouraged when directed at a woman's breasts.

7:08 - More Palm-down touching.

7:33 - A double index-finger point is especially contemptuous. This is a tremendous rapport destroyer and an illustrator which is never recommended.

7:34 - Mr. Scaramucci tells Emily Maitlis she is a bit of an elitist (with a very elitist gesture)

8:11 - Right hand with an index finger point with the left hand in a tight fist. This is not how a gentleman behaves - and, crucially, it's indicative of a significant adrenaline surge. It's dramatically out of proportion to context - and is a profound warning sign.

8:14 - Ungentlemanly redux

8:53 - Yet another palm down infraction

9:02 - May I touch you? (No, you may not!)

9:06 - More is better? (NOT!)

9:16 - Mum always told you not to point.

9:37 - Especially not with both hands ...

11:00 - Additional touching without permission (Ms. Maitlis' mid-back)

11:02 - One last index finger point in intimate space

Summary: Anthony Scaramucci's multiple violations of Emily Maitlis' personal and intimate space is certainly not diplomatic - nor is it consistent with even a rudimentary understanding of body language (particularly ironic given he is the White House Communications Director). This behavior is universally offensive, rapport destroying, and narcissistic.

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