Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 3961: Mike Rogers' Testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

During his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday, National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers displayed some telling nonverbal behavior during his back-and-forth with Senator Marco Rubio. Below is some of their dialog followed by a partial nonverbal analysis.

MARCO RUBIO (beginning at 1:12:49): Okay, well then in the interest of time, let me ask both of you - has anyone ever asked you - now or in the past - this administration or any administration - to issue a statement that you knew to be false?

MIKE ROGERS: For me, I stand by my previous statement. I've never been directed to do anything in the course of my three-plus years as director of the National Security Agency -

MARCO RUBIO (over-talking): Not directed, asked.

MIKE ROGERS: - that I felt to be inappropriate, nor have I felt pressure to do so.

MARCO RUBIO: Have you ever been asked to say something that isn't true?

MIKE ROGERS: I stand by my previous statement, sir.

MARCO RUBIO: Director Coats?

DAN COATS: I do likewise.

MARCO RUBIO: Well [moment captured below] let me ask this of everyone on this panel ...

During 1:13:20, just after Senator Rubio says, "Well...", National Security Agency Director, Mike Rogers' eyebrows pull together, while his left eyebrow and the inner (medial) portion of his right eyebrow are vectored downward - and the outer (lateral) portion of his right eyebrow is elevated.

Rogers' lower eyelids also grow tense in this moment. The region above his upper lip and below his nose (aka "mustache area") also display significantly increased tension. His nostrils flare. Rogers' lips take on a characteristically horizontal and thinned configuration.

Mike Rogers is angry. He is also incredulous that he's being questioned. Notice his forehead asymmetry. Along with the lateral portion of his right eyebrow - his right, lateral forehead is also elevating. But the remainder of his forehead is not contracted.

Summary: National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers displayed strong nonverbal signals of both anger and incredulity during his testimony on Wednesday before the Senate Intelligence Committee. While these behaviors do not alone indicate deception, their presence in this context significantly increases the likelihood that Rogers is not being completely truthful.

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