Saturday, June 3, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 3957: Sergei Gorkov, Jared Kushner, and Secret Meetings - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

In this video, Sergei Gorkov, the Russian Banker (an alleged spy) who met with Jared Kushner in December 2016 (the focus of an FBI investigation) is asked a question by a journalist (Matthew Chance) regarding the nature of his meeting with Kushner.

The White House is on record saying that the two men discussed US-Russian government relations, while Govkov's bank, VneshEconomBank (Russia's state bank aka VEB), has indicated their meeting was one of a private, real estate business nature. VEB has been under US sanctions for about three years as a partial punishment for Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Kushner failed to disclose his meeting with Gorkov in his security vetting.

Immediately after the question, and with very short duration, Gorkov's eyelids open significantly wider than his baseline. This moment is captured in the image immediately above. Most people would label his response as surprise. But Sergey Gorkov was indeed expecting this question. This was an act - albeit a pretty good one. How do we know?

A split second prior, we see Gorkov's eyebrows elevate while, at the same time, his eyelids are briefly closing. This is a very unnatural motion, it's conscious, and is indicative of expectation. That these two tissues, so close in proximity, would simultaneously move in opposite directions, betrays his foreknowledge.

A few seconds later, just before he enters a room, Gorkov displays a tightened mid-face. This is seen particularly well in his "mustache area" and with the flaring of his nostrils. This nonverbal cluster is indicative of disgust for the journalist and/or his line of questioning. His partial eyelid closure, while not required in the expression of this emotion, is in this context, a disgust amplifier.

This image is from an earlier portion of the same video. Note that the entire width of Gorkov's forehead is contracted. This is a common component of anyone's occasional facial expression. Yet when a person's forehead contracts too frequently (which doesn't take much) - it's an extremely reliable indicator of overall insincerity (This is not to say, however, that a relaxed forehead equates with sincerity). An image search for Sergey Gorkov will yield a host of images which show an extremely disproportionate percentage with this characteristic.

Summary: Gorkov has a strong indicator of overall insincerity. He is acting - and he's good at it. Moreover, in this interaction with a journalist, Gorkov fully anticipated the question regarding Jared Kushner.

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