Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 3974: Elle Fanning, Robert De Niro, and Easter - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

During Elle Fanning's recent guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, she recounted an Easter from her childhood, when her family had Robert De Niro's family as guests in their home. Her description of an Easter Egg Hunt provides an excellent nonverbal example of an honest effort to recall an event (a high sincerity quotient) - followed by an immediate change of emotional direction.

In this first image, Elle Fanning is focusing her eyes on the middle-distance (4:35). This signifies an honest, concentrated effort to recall an event.

In the next moment (4:36) Ms. Fanning displays the nonverbal cluster of:
  • Squinting her eyes - focusing her thought
  • Exhaling - clearing the mind and concentrating
  • Displaying a Lateral Lip Purse (to her left) - deciding between a small number of choices    (e.g., What should I tell him?)

Next, we see very rapid blinking/fluttering before she says, "... I don't remember if they did ..." (4:37).

Then Elle looks up/up to her left (4:38) - significant for the visual recall of a specific event. This change is crucial - for she has remembered specifically what happened.

Summary: Although Elle Fanning is somewhat nebulous in her VERBAL LANGUAGE in how her mother eventually resolved the Easter Egg Hunt dilemma ("...  I feel like I, pr, probably my Mom, like, did some nice, she's like, 'Everyone gets one ...") - Elle's BODY LANGUAGE shows us that she did, in fact, recall what specifically happened here - but Fanning refrained from telling the full/true story - probably in an effort to save someone embarrassment. Importantly, we can tell the precise second she decided to switch directions and tell a fib. And although this is a benign little lie which has no serious consequences, it's of profound importance in the everyday world to spot these moments.

Intriguingly, research shows that this is one of the most common reasons WOMEN lie - to save others from emotional discomfort/embarrassment. Men will not lie for this reason as often.

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