Monday, June 26, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 3979: Ivanka Trump, "I Try to Stay Out of Politics" - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Ivanka Trump was a guest today on "Fox and Friends". During her interview, the Senior White House adviser and daughter of Donald Trump said, "You know, I try to stay out of politics".

At multiple times during this exchange, Ivanka Trump spoke with her mouth in an asymmetrical configuration - sometimes highly asymmetrical.

Whenever a person speaks out of one side of their mouth, we should always consider several possibilities:

1. A constant, long-term habit. This is a tic-like behavior and is much more commonly displayed by men. Ivanka Trump is only displaying this signal intermittently - thus this etiology is not applicable here.

2. Another explanation to consider for asymmetrical mouth configurations are medical causes - such as trauma, nerve and/or muscle palsies (e.g., Bell's Palsy) or a stroke. None of these possibilities apply in Ms. Trump's case.

3. Another intriguing category of behaviors includes those of the overlapping swagger/hubris/bravado/sarcasm.

4. Insincerity and deception are another possibilities to consider when you see a person speaking out of one side of their mouth. It's crucial to stress that while a person can be a generally sincere individual, they may be lying at any given moment. The reverse is also true - a person who is chronically insincere can be "caught telling the truth". Thus a person's sincerity level incorporates a greater aspect of their personality, whereas the telling of any given lie does not predict an overall personality pattern.

In this particular case example, which of last two categories describes the cause(s) for Ivanka Trump's asymmetrical speaking behavior? What other specific nonverbal signal(s) assists in differentiating between swagger/hubris/bravado/sarcasm vs. insincerity/deception?

It's of profound importance to stress that individuals who speak out of one side of their mouth are judged to be less trustworthy compared to others with a mouth that's symmetrical in shape. This interpretation is universal - true across all cultures - regardless of the person's level of nonverbal training.

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