Monday, June 5, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 3958: Vladimir Putin interview with Megyn Kelly - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Megyn Kelly recently interviewed Russian President, Vladimir Putin. The video above is but a portion - and it's crammed full of nonverbal tells. Some particularly interesting ones are discussed below.

Beginning at 2:51, Megyn Kelly asks, "President Putin, there, there are reports today, in the American press that, that the Trump Administration took active steps to ease sanctions on, on Russia, almost immediately after Trump took office. Ah, was this possibility ever discussed between the Trump team and your representatives prior to President Trump being inaugurated?"

President Putin displayed multiple hard swallows and other similar signals of a dry mouth/dry throat during this interview. A particularly notable hard swallow occurred during 3:11 - 3:13, as Megyn Kelly finishes her question.

It's extremely common for the throat to become suddenly dry during high anxiety. We subconsciously swallow to stimulate the production and distribution of needed saliva.

During 3:16, just as he speaks the first words of his answer, Vladimir Putin performs a "Butt Adjustment" - wherein he lifts his posterior off of his chair 4-5 centimeters. This dynamic is very strongly indicative of high anxiety.

The Russian President also momentarily closes his eyes and displays an elevated central forehead contraction (CFC). Given the context of his simultaneous neutral mouth display, this cluster is highly correlative with insincerity.

Then Putin displays what is known as an "Ear Screw" (3:17 - 3:18) as he inserts his index finger into his ear canal (external auditory meatus). This nonverbal signal, in the context of his declarative "No" answer, has a very high correlation with deception.

Note, again, another eyelid closure at the same time as an elevated central forehead contraction (insincerity).

A few moments later the camera pans out into the audience. Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, can be seen sitting in the distance in the front row. The above image is included as a reference photo - it was taken at a different time in the interview. Minister Lavrov is third from the left (with glasses).

Beginning at 3:38 Putin is continuing his answer, "... Our ambassador has met someone, and what is an ambassador supposed to do? That's what he gets money for ...".

At 3:45, just as the Putin's interpreter says, "... That's what ...", you will see Sergey Lavrov, also sit up and forward in a Butt Adjustment (High Anxiety Tell) - as well as display a Forward Lip Purse. A forward Lip Purse is a signal of clandestine disagreement and/or a clandestine plan. Minister Lavrov's body language is very bluntly calling out own his leader - Vladimir Putin - in a deception.

What significant paralanguage red flags did President Putin also use?

Summary: Based on the nonverbal and paralanguage tells displayed during this interview, there is a high probability President Putin is being deceptive and that the easing of US Sanctions on Russia were indeed discussed between Donald Trump and/or his surrogates and Vladimir Putin and/or other Russian government officials prior to President Trump's inauguration.

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