Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 3960: James Comey, Critical Evaluation, and The Side-Eye - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTO)

This recent image of James Comey displays a classic nonverbal grouping aka "Cluster" of signals.
Note that the former FBI Director's head and neck are turned relative to his torso - and yet they are still rotated about 45 degrees from the person at whom he's looking. We have a strong tendency to not "face point" or "body point" directly at people who we:
  • Don't like/have strong dislike for
  • Don't believe/don't trust
  • Don't respect
Thus when we're looking at such individuals - and our torso, head, and neck are only partially turned - our eyes must turn even more laterally to make "eye contact".

Although Comey's eyes are turned to the side, the colloquial/slang of "Side Eye" is more typically used in the context of open contempt and/or deliberate disbelief (not trying to hide their judgement) - and thus their facial expressions are more extreme and different than what is seen in this example.

Notice also that the entire width of both of Comey's eyebrows are vectored downward.

The crucial placement of his thumb and finger - separated by 2-3 cm while holding chin is significant for critical evaluation.

Summary: Taken as a whole, James Comey's nonverbal cluster says he is:
  • Critically Evaluating - more specifically, he doesn't like, doesn't trust, and/or disrespects the person whom he's watching
  • Highly focused
  • On alert/on guard
  • Actively and sizing-up the situation
  • Deciding on a course of action

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