Sunday, December 21, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3044: Barack Obama regarding "The Interview", North Korea and His Choice in Films (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A couple days ago the FBI and President Obama announced that it was in fact North Korea behind the Sony Pictures email hack and subsequent public leaks of those emails. In the video above, Barack Obama was asked if he was going to be watching "The Interview".

"I've got a long list of movies I'm going to be watching. Ummm ..[partial smile microexpression].. ahhhh .... you know I never release my, my .... full movie list ...".

During the 5:31 the President displays a partial smile in the form of a microexpression (shown here and coincident with red print). Mr. Obama surely has seen at the very least key scenes of the movie and his very evanescent & partial smile betrays this fact (Thus this is an example of "Duping Delight" [Dr. Paul Ekman]).

Here (5:54 and fully notated by above lavender print) Mr. Obama is displaying a much longer - and barely discernible partially (mostly) suppressed smile (still only about a couple seconds in duration).

Later in the video, his smile suppression is less well-hidden and indeed he even wants to display it when he speaks of the North Korean Regime - but at this moment Barack's trying to not let us know that he has seen Rogen's & Franco's latest film.

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