Thursday, December 25, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3048: Vladimir Putin's Press Conference, 18 December 2014, Economic Instability and Low Emotional Comfort (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Vladimir Putin gave his annual press conference on 18 December 2014. The Russian President went on for almost 3 hours while taking unscreened questions from over 1200 members of the press. As usual, Mr. Putin displayed a huge amount of nonverbal tells. One in particular bears highlighting.

During much of his press conference Vladimir sat off-balance with his feet not firmly planted - almost as if he was a runner in a starting block.

Sitting in this configuration very much signals an emotional tone of one who has to leave - who doesn't really want to be there.

This body language very much telegraphs feelings of low emotional comfort. Depending on the other nonverbal signals with which it is clustered, it can also indicate low confidence.

This nonverbal stance can also indicate that a person feels a strong urgency to leave the meeting and thus it's often seen towards the end of a meeting - and by those who hold the tactical power of the "next move".

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