Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3053: Giada De Laurentiis, Insincere Smiles and Divorce (PHOTOS)

After 11 years of Marriage, Giada De Laurentiis announced yesterday her impending divorce. The chef and her husband Todd Thompson have been separated since July 2014. Giada has made statements stating that their relationship is amicable. The couple has one child (Jade, 6).

What are the components of a sincere smile? How about an insincere one?

Giada is famous for her "toothy" smile. When a person's lower teeth are visible during a smile - it's almost always insincere. Ms. De Laurentiis is well known for this appearance. Her teeth are spectacular - however her sincerity is lacking. Depending on what the rest of the face/neck is doing, such a widely opened and sometimes squared-off mouth appearance can be associated with or is confused with anger or fear - although here neither of these are present with Ms. De Laurentiis. For many people this is their default mouth configuration when they're trying to "push out" a smile which they don't really feel.

The exceptions for lower teeth exposure with sincere smiling are seen during the beginning or end of a display of true laughter (during sincere laughter the lower teeth may be visible), due to a skewed camera or eye angle (e.g., a shorter smiling person next to a taller observer) or with the fatigue associated with prolonged posing (thus after very brief duration the smile becomes insincere).

A sincere smile must also always have eyelids which are partially closed. This is an absolute requirement. The lower eyelids must also always show evanescent, concave-up furrows. This is natural for all ages - and yet plastic surgeons have popularized the removal of this dynamic and natural change seen in the normal and healthy moments of a true smile (Duchenne Smile).

When the cheeks have much less upward movement and more lateral movement (such as when the bottom teeth are exposed) the lower lid crease will not form.

Another component of a sincere smile is a forehead that is always relaxed -  Always! - thus when a forehead is contracted - there is always insincerity present. This is a common component of a subconscious, default, false smile for many people - particularly celebrities and politicians.

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