Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3030: Rashida Jones, Jimmy Fallon, Twin Peaks, Toy Story 4 ... and a Rarely Recognized Meaning of the Inward Lip Roll (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Throughout most of this video segment, Rashida Jones lets Jimmy Fallon and us know she "can't talk about it". Peggy Lipton's and Quincy Jones' daughter is involved with or has insider knowledge of a bunch of Hollywood projects for which she must keep secrets. Is her verbal language and body language (along with her paralanguage) highly congruent during this interview segment?

At 1:06 Jimmy continues, "... and I heard a rumor that 'Twin Peaks' is coming back and they're getting the whole gang - back together ... and everyone's going to be back - for the new 'Twin Peaks' ..."

Between 1:09 - 1:11 (coincident with red text above) notice Rashida's "Inward Lip Roll" as she tries to keep her secret about the revival of "Twin Peaks". Nonverbally she is telling us the truth while verbally Rashida is playing coy. An inward lip roll (ILR) is a highly significant signal that a person is at least moderately far from their emotional base-line and is attempting to suppress a crescendo of both inward growth as well as outward manifestation of that emotion.

Another body language signal which screams very loudly here, is Rashida's head keeps on "nodding yes" to the rumor of the new Twin Peaks after using this same signal acknowledging that her mom was in the original version of the show. Without a doubt, the revival of Twin Peaks is definitely in works.

In everyday life we rarely have the opportunity to view and re-view a video of our conversations. Of profound importance is that very often - a person will be telling a bold-face lie or a lie of omission (e.g., deliberate lack of full disclosure/holding back on key information) - and people don't see the lie (They instead hear the false words and believe them). In these scenarios their body language and verbal language are in disparity - sometimes subtly and often times dramatically - in which case the nonverbal interpretation is always correct. Such behavior is very common and extremely valuable to recognize - and yet these signals routinely go unnoticed by the masses.

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