Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3041: Jim Harbaugh Body Language Tutorial (PHOTOS)

Rumor has it that the University of Michigan will reportedly offer San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh a 6-year, $49 million paycheck to become their next head coach.

A former quarterback for the Wolverines under Bo Schembechler, Coach Harbaugh is known for not having a very good poker face. The following images display just the tip of his emotional iceberg and allow a fantastic body language tutorial (Thanks coach). In image above, Harbaugh displays significant Anger - (bordering on Rage) - with Frustration (Specifically what signals the frustration?)

Of particular note is his extreme Jaw Jut, Squared-off mouth opening, baring of his bottom teeth, with both tense eyelids along with significant mid-face tension.


Contempt (here coupled with the F-bomb - which of course is a very common combination)

Extreme Disgust

Dominant Spider hand configuration

A high alpha gesture (at this moment somewhat less so, since it is directed away from to whomever he is speaking)


- Eyelids tense and wide
  (here mild to moderately
- Mouth corners pulled laterally
   and down
- Mid-face tension
- Tightened neck muscles

Inward Lip Roll (ILR):

Seen suppressing emotions when they are far from baseline

Can be positive or negative emotions

What emotion is the Coach suppressing here?

Puffer Fish

Seen just before or just more commonly immediately after a significantly stressful event (It can lower the heart rate, blood pressure and respiration and thus has a calming effect)

Rage (sever anger) with
widely open Eyelids (with a mild-moderate jaw jut)

Critical evaluation with significant worry and some empathy

Sincere smile:

- Relaxed forehead
- Only upper Teeth Showing
- Cheeks vectored primarily
- Eyelids partially closed
- Dynamic Concave-up Furrow in
   lower eyelids

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