Saturday, December 20, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3043: Ray Rice & Janay Rice (Palmer) - New Video after Assault (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A new video has surface regarding Ray Rice's 27 March 2014 third-degree aggravated assault against his then fiancée Janay Palmer (Janay Rice) at the Revel Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis.


Janay Palmer (Rice), (near center of photo) - Displays a Hair-Adjust-Behind-Ear, signaling she is dialing up her alpha emotions and is attempting to be more assertive.


Ms. Palmer's (Rice) forehead is contracted centrally and upwards. Her inner eyebrows are directed up as well. Palmer's mouth is configuration consistent with fear-sadness.


Ray Rice (center, background) arm-elbow directed sharply laterally-upwards in a high-alpha, narcissistic body language stance.


Although it is difficult to fully detect in this small image with partially occlusion, it is discernible in the dynamics of the video - Rice's right arm, holding his phone, assumes a armpit exposed elbow held-high body language, which is seen in high-alpha or narcissistic scenarios. 

1:26 - 1:28

Ray Rice mildly bangs his head against the wall of the elevator.

1:41 - 1:44

After they kissed (each hand-cuffed behind their backs') Ray and Janay show us a mutual head/face-in neck body language configuration - which is indicative of sincere and significant affection.

1:46 - 1:47

One last kiss before being led away by law enforcement.

It is highly significant that Ray Rice exhibits high-alpha and narcissistic nonverbal signals just after assaulting his fiancée. He does so while just a few feet away from Janay who is crying and distraught. When he once again is in close contact with her in the elevator - they kiss and nuzzle each other. In a very real way, narcissists do not have fully formed object-permanence when it comes to other people and their feelings (similar to young children). While lower and moderate narcissists (to a varying degree) do have some levels of empathy for people who are in close proximity, the further they are from them physically - the less real/less significant their feelings seem. For healthy people who have higher empathy levels, distance or even time has much less influence on their feelings for other peoples' suffering - or any emotion.

This video also exhibits the Rice's affection toward each other - and Janay has these feelings despite being recently knocked unconscious by her future husband. This of course is but one manifestation of the blinding denial and lack of objectivity that many people feel in the midst of abuse.

It is also very bizarre that two people arrested in the context of assaulting each other - are transported in the same elevator - and in particular allowed to stand next to each other and have close contact.  And of course Janay should not have been arrested.

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