Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2777: President George W. Bush's Paintings of World Leaders - Putin, Berlosconi - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A portion of George W. Bush's personal paintings have recently gone on exhibition.
Among other things, the former U.S. President rendered his artistic impression of several current and former World leaders. A Body Language critique of just two of these Heads of State is discussed here.

Bush's painting of Vladimir Putin shows the Russian President in a classic anger expression together with a component of contempt.

Note Putin's thinned and straight horizontal upper lip. This particular body language-facial expression is highly indicative of anger.

Vladimir's eyelids are partially closed - but in a different manner when compared with that of a sincere smile. In anger there is tension of the lower lids. During subtle to moderate anger the eyelids are partially closed (as President Bush painted) - however with moderate to severe anger the eyelids open up widely.

Mr. Putin's right nostril is painted flared with a proportionate amount of tension included on the right side of his "mustache area". This component of this nonverbal cluster indicates contempt.

Although President Bush may not have intended to paint former the Italian Prime Minister with such a telling nonverbal - many would call his expression here is particularly characteristic of Silvio's personality.

Mr. Berlosconi (the Former Italian Prime Minster) has a mild-moderate Central Forehead Contraction (CFC) in this painting coincident with a partial mouth smile (suppressed). His lower eyelids also have the necessary concave-up furrows coincident with a smile. This smile has components of sincerity - yet it is duplicitous. When observed in any given individual on an occasional basis - these components should make us think of arrogance, incredulity (disbelief) or contempt (although all three of these emotions have other expression variations as well). However when this expression is displayed chronically - we should think of narcissism and sociopathic related conditions.

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