Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2801: Adam Silver Bans Donald Sterling for Life - Alpha Body Language Tell (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Earlier today Adam Silver banned Donald Sterling for life from the NBA. He is not permitted to attend a game or a practice - or to make any decisions about the Los Angeles Clippers for the rest of his life. The NBA Commissioner also fined Sterling the maximum amount possible - $2.5 Million. In addition, Silver is seeking three quarters or greater consensus from the NBA owners in an effort to force Sterling to sell the basketball team.

There are many nonverbal signs in the video above of Mr. Silver's press conference. However there is one exemplified here that is rarely noted. Throughout this video (highlighted in three isolated images below) - Mr. Silver's mouth, lips and jaw display exaggerated movements. While there is certainly variation in such movements between any two people of the same culture speaking the same words - Mr. Silver's are amplified. It is not simply because he is trying to speak louder. This is a signal of an alpha emotional tone. People who display this body language/facial expression view themselves as dominant and are in the midst of asserting it.

In contrast, if Mr. Silver were in the company of the heads-of-state and other World leaders, his mouth, jaw and lips would never be moving in this manner.

Although not the case here, an even further exaggeration of these movements during speech is indicative of a patronizing and condescending mindset - and will very readily transmit such feelings.

There are also multiple examples of Mr. Silver thrusting his jaw forward - in what is known as a "Jaw Jut". This is a highly reliable signal of anger.

A Jaw Jut at 0:51 mark as Silver says "... deeply..." signifying the NBA commissioner's sincere anger.

1:16 mark as Silver speaks an exaggerated "....multi-ethnic..."

Mild Jaw Jut

More dramatic movements as Silver says "... within ..." at 1:27

More Jaw Jut (mild-moderate)

What other body language did you see during this video?

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