Sunday, April 20, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2791: Sofia Vergara, Threesomes and Fear - Body Language & the Fading Gigolo (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Sofia Vergara is seen above during a recent interview promoting the release of the movie, Fading Gigolo. The movie was released on 18 April and co-stars Sharon Stone, John Turtorro and Woody Allen.

Vergara, who is best known for Television's Modern Family, displays several microexpression displays of fear in this interview when discussing her role in a threesome sexual scene in the movie. This nonverbal is particularly well exemplified at the 0:48 mark in the video. This moment is captured below. Note the left side of Vergara's mouth pulls backwards and down - momentarily exposing her lower teeth. In addition, the rarely noted yet commonly manifested neck of fear is seen here as the left side of Vergara's neck tightens (Sternocleidomastoid and Platysma).

Did you see the other, more subtle facial expressions indicative of fear?

What components of a more extreme fear face are missing in this interview?

What other notable body language did you see exemplified in this video?

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