Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis 2790: Head Touch & Head Touch Surrogate - Body Language of Affection (PHOTOS)

When one's head is brought in contact with another - particularly when it's prolonged - it's a very strong affectionate body language signal. In the image above, a reunion between a daughter and survivor of the recent Korean Ferry sinking and her father is captured in such a moment.

An interesting nonverbal phenomenon is often displayed in the absence of another person however. Sargent Timothy D. Sayne was killed in action in Afghanistan on 18 September 2011. He was buried with at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors. In the photo below, Thania, Sargent Sayne's wife is seen with her head against his gravestone. This action is not performed for physical support - rather for emotional connection, love - and especially affection. Here her husband's grave marker acts as a head surrogate. Despite being inanimate, such head-surrogate touching is also consistent with high sincerity quotients.

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