Sunday, April 23, 2017

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3918: The Image of Kim Jong-un He Most Prefers the World to See - and What It Tells Us - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

The image above is a drawing/painting of North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-un. It's the picture he most wants the World to see - for it's also the one he's picked to be posted at the top of his Wikipedia profile page - and the first to appear in a Google search.

When a person chooses a picture they want to be representative of them - particularly on social media, a magazine cover, advertisement, etc., - or for their Wikipedia profile - it's very much the emotional projection of how they want the World to view them. It can thus be thought of as a "Reverse Rorschach" of sorts.

It's intriguing that the DPRK leader chose to have a piece of artwork represent him - rather than a photograph. This is strongly suggestive of deep-rooted low confidence (and prone to over-compensatory behavior).

The primary emotion conveyed in this image of Kim Jong-un is that of contempt, the secondary emotion is disgust (approximately 70/30 respectively).

Another interesting detail is the asymmetry of his eyebrows. Because this is not a photograph, it's impossible to say whether this was intentional - and thus possibly inferring a tertiary emotion of disbelief (right eyebrow raised), anger (left eyebrow lowered), or amplified contempt/disgust (left eyebrow lowered), etc.,

Retrospectively, if you look back and evaluate any of the social media sites of mass-killers or those who perpetrated terrorist acts, the vast majority of their pictures will be disproportionately represented by the emotions of anger, disgust and/or contempt.

Of course, prospectively, not all those who display a high percentage of any of these emotions will go on to commit violent crimes. Yet it is a good way to screen for certain behaviors - e.g., Threat Assessment - for virtually 100% of those who have a habit of posting photos of them displaying anger, disgust and/or contempt - will have both a history of, and a predilection for losing their tempers' (Impulse Control Disorder).

Therefore you shouldn't date, hire, be hired by, vote for, carpool with, etc., - anyone who exhibits these patterns of behavior/emotional displays. When they possess nuclear capable ICBM's, it's entirely and exponentially another matter.

In a parallel Universe, if Kim Jong-un was your employee, and you heard rumors of him threatening his co-workers, this same picture - posted on his social media site would be a harbinger behavior you should take very seriously. It acts as an amplifier and it verifies his verbal/written treats. Kim Jong-un is NOT just saber-rattling.

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