Sunday, April 2, 2017

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3895: Donald Trump Walks Out of Oval Office without signing Executive Orders - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

On Friday, President Trump exited the oval office before signing executive orders for which he just gave a short speech. The focus of the orders is his effort to lower the US trade deficit. He signed them in private later that day.

Contrary to popular reports that Donald Trump left the room in response to a question regarding Michael Flynn, he was well on his way to the exit before the nature of the question was discernible.

After the Vice President chased down his boss, President Trump spoke [inaudible] and motioned for him to follow (and presumably to bring the forgotten orders).

From a nonverbal standpoint, there were two particular signals which jump out in this short video.

Donald Trump (continuing at 1:15): "...but these voiceless Americans, now have a voice in the White House. Under my administration, the theft of American prosperity will end..."

During 1:20 - 1:22, as he says, "... Under my administration ...", notice how Trump's head and shoulders elevate. This is, of course, because he momentarily elevates up on his toes. Such a body language signals telegraphs a heightened adrenaline state and excitation coincident with these crucial words. Although it's somewhat subtle and evanescent, this nonverbal tell is quite profound - and it's very often missed in everyday interactions.

This "Up on Toes" nonverbal signal must be viewed in the context of the video, as still images do not capture its dynamic.

Later in the video, after Mike Pence turns around to retrieve the orders, his facial expression rapidly changes.

In this close up, we can see the Vice President's expression is an amalgam of:

Bitter-Regret: The corners of the mouth pulled laterally (outward) and also down with significant mid-facial tension

Anger: Jaw jut with nostril flaring as well as mid-facial tension

Frustration: The forward bulging of the area just below his lower lip

Summary: Donald Trump attaches a significant level of importance, excitement, and ownership to "his" administration.

Mike Pence was in a moment of bitter-regret, anger, and frustration when he was sent back into the Oval Office to retrieve the Executive Orders which Donald Trump had forgotten to sign.

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