Friday, April 28, 2017

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3923: John Boyega, Orlando Bloom, Swagger, and Alpha-Beta Balance - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

John Boyega and Orlando Bloom are both alpha-male actors. But of course, they're also human beings just like the rest. In their recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, while both actors were "just being themselves", they each displayed some classic nonverbal signals which are common up-regulators - indicating a shift from relative beta emotional states and elevating to those which are more alpha.

Orlando Bloom displays an excellent example of a nose pinch, followed by two brief nose touches/a mouth cover, during 1:19 - 1:22, describing the first time he was recognized in public.

It's a mistake of many beginners in any field of endeavor to over-generalize, and certainly, rookies of body language behavior are no exception. One common example of this has to do with touching one's nose. While, in some contexts (depending on the other simultaneous [or nearly so] nonverbal, verbal and paralanguage displays) - nose touches/scratches/rubs may indicate deception - but this is not always the case.

Pinching or pulling the nose (more commonly displayed by men) - usually between the forefinger (index finger) and thumb (which then may or may not be followed by a simple touch/rub/scratch) - is a common Alpha Up-Regulator. It's one way we can jump-start our psyches' from relatively beta to alpha.

Earlier in this same video (0:49), as John Boyega recounts blocking a woman on his phone, he momentarily speaks out of the left side of his mouth. Such a short-lived, asymmetrical speaking style - is very often seen during moments of "Swagger Displays".

"Swagger" can be nonverbally expressed in a myriad of ways. It's but one variety of contextual, hyperbolic nonverbal behavior. Swagger is also hyper-alpha and often contains elements of implied (or direct) sexuality/sexual prowess/sexual dominance.

Yet if we back-track, and examine Boyega's behavior a few seconds earlier (during 0:46 - 0:49), we see he had both of his hands beneath his thighs. This was a significantly beta behavior with elements of anxiety and hesitancy to disclose emotions.

Watch this carefully though, for as soon as Boyega's hand move from beneath his thighs - his mouth becomes asymmetrical. This is a fantastic example of watching a person's body language and emotional status switch from beta to alpha.

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