Saturday, April 29, 2017

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3924: French Presidential Front-Runner Emmanuel Macron - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTO)

If you were assessing Emmanuel Macron's expression at the moment this photo was captured, you may say he looks somewhat angry - for his eyebrows are drawn together with their medial (inner) portions directed downward. Yet this does not tell the full story.

Very often emotions don't exist in isolation - although one usually predominates, a simultaneous mixture of two or three feelings is common.
Those furrows on his forehead are not active - but temporary, residual furrows leftover from moments before when his forehead was contracted and strongly elevated in a prolonged fashion.

He's focused at middle-distance which is common during moments of concentration and when visualizing what another person is saying/describing.

Macron's jaw is displaced subtly to his left. Because this is a still image and not a video, it's impossible to say if it's prolonged or a very brief display (although the other nonverbal elements here suggest it is prolonged). The nonverbal ramification of this distinction is profound

With his left arm across his lower chest gripping the antecubital fossa region of his right arm - this probable next President of France conveys relatively low emotional comfort and a lower confidence level.

Now look a bit further up at his right hand. The manner in which he's gripping his mobile phone also is an emotional barometer of his conversation.

Although we cannot see it directly, we can tell his right index finger (aka forefinger) is NOT isolated - rather it's grouped with the middle and ring finger. This is significant for a relatively beta emotional tone. In contrast, when the index finger is separated (typically along the top of the phone) from the other three fingers (usually aligned on one side) - it signifies the predominance of alpha emotions. Thus, if you know what to look for, watching a person while they're on their phone allows an astute observer a grand view of their psyche (this is but one of many such signals).

The pose of Emmanuel Macron shown here is one in which candidates, heads-of-state, CEOs, athletes, leaders - or anyone else worried about their PR, should never allow themselves' be photographed.

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