Thursday, October 27, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3737: Donald Trump Rips His Notes at End of 3rd Debate - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Last week, during the very end of the Third Presidential Debate, a secondary camera captured a relative close up Donald Trump's facial expression as Hillary Clinton walked to moderator Chris Wallace and shook his hand. Although this six-second video is of somewhat low resolution - it's profoundly telling.

As Mr. Trump rips some of his note pages apart his jaw juts forward - first skewed to his left. 

A slit-second later his jut juts to his right. In this context (with the other coexisting nonverbal signals) this is a strong indication of anger.

Then his head tilts slightly backward, his mid-face tightens (more so on his left), his nostrils flare (also greater on his left) and his eyebrows are drawn together as they vector downward. His face is primarily expressing contempt - with secondary emotions of disgust and anger.

In this next moment, Trump's head/neck tilt back further, his eyebrows elevate - as his eyelids partially close (amplifying his negative contempt and disgust). His mid-face and mouth are relatively unchanged (increased contempt and disgust with less anger).

And in the last second of the video, as Secretary Clinton walks in front of him - Mr. Trump displays what was perhaps the most telling expression of the night - a classic expression of regret.

This cluster of rapid nonverbal displays is a manifestation emotional release after being pent-up for 90 minutes. We are for a few moments seeing very clearly Mr. Trump's true feelings. It's a phenomenon also seen in actors after they 'come out of character' from a particularly intense scene.

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