Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3736: Newt Gingrich and Megyn Kelly re: Donald Trump - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Yesterday former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich and Fox News Anchor, Megyn Kelly got into a rather heated exchange regarding Donald Trump and allegations of sexual assault and predation made against him.

What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis of a portion of this interview.

Beginning at 4:45 in the above video clip, Ms. Kelly said  "... If Trump is a sexual predator, that is -"

Gingrich [over-talking]: He's not a sexual predator - You can't say that! -

Kelly [over-talking]: Okay that's your opinion -- I'm not taking a position on it -

Gingrich [over-talking]: You could not defend that statement! -

Kelly [over-talking]: I, I, I am not taking a position on it -

Gingrich [over-talking]: Now I'm sick and tired of people like you! - using language that's inflammatory! - that's not true! -

Kelly: Excuse me Mr. Speaker - you have no idea whether it's true or not -

Gingrich [over-talking]: Donald, Donald, Donald Trump is not se[inaudible] -
Kelly [over-talking]: what we know are that there area at least -

Gingrich [over-talking]: Neither, neither do you!-

Kelly: That's right and I'm not talking a position on, on it - unlike you-

Gingrich [over-talking]: Yes you are! When you use the words - you took a position! -

Kelly [over-talking]: So what I said is-

Gingrich: and that's very unfair of you to do that Megyn! -

Kelly [over-talking]: Incorrect -

Gingrich [over-talking]: I think that is exactly the bias people are upset by -

Kelly: I think that your defensiveness on this may speak volumes sir -

At multiple times during his exchange with Megyn Kelly, Speaker Gingrich uses a "Finger-Point Hand-Chop" - primarily with his right hand and later bilaterally - in his defense of Donald Trump.

Pointing with an index finger (forefinger) is universally offensive in every culture and country on the planet. It's also highly consistent with an element of anger (What are some other signals of anger seen on Gingrich?). But we can thin-slice this nonverbal display even thinner - for when a person uses a "Finger-Point Hand-Chop" in the act of refuting an accusation, there's a very high probability they're also in the midst of committing deception.

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